Everyone loves Advent Calendars 😍⁣ Here's Day 1 of my R+F one.⁣ Just message me if you're interested in any of the daily offers 💝⁣ *Offer numbers are limited
December 2nd: Daily Body Moisturizer $24 *Save $8*⁣ Makes a great stocking stuffer.⁣ Message me to order.⁣
Day 3: Buy any two Essentials Products and get ONE FREE⁣
📌 Lowest priced item is free⁣
📌 Limited to first three takers⁣ Message me to order
Day 4: Time to try one or two or all of our masks!⁣ Designed to treat secondary or tertiary skin concerns. You can even use all four at the same time!⁣
Message me to order 👍
Spotless for teen and young adult acne from the Drs that were pioneers in acne treatment!⁣ 📌 Shows results within a day⁣ 📌 Give the gift of clear skin for Christmas⁣ Message me to order⁣ *one offer only - first come - first served.
Whether you are an existing customer or new if you buy one of our regimens I will gift you a free eye cream - it'll work wonders for all the upcoming late nights and parties 😍 ⁣
Day 7: Get kissable lips just in time for the mistletoe 💋 ⁣ Lip Renewing Serum at $17 off retail⁣ Makes a great stocking stuffer!⁣ Treats dry, chapped lips and makes lip wrinkles disappear. Contains 60 capsules (each one can be used 2-3 times). Perfect for our winter weather as well as sun-dried lips :)⁣
Looking for a new business opportunity? I'm looking for two people to join me in December - anyone who signs up with our top two business kits will receive a free AMP MD System from me worth $264 Get ready to kick off 2020 with extra money in your wallet! Ask me about it!
Is your face ready to party all night long? Our Radiant Defense Perfecting Liquid is just what you need? Save $33 with today's deal - of your perfect shade and a brush. I'll help you choose the correct shade too - there's 6 to choose from!
Dec 10: Party On People! With no worries about those tired-looking eyes the next day 👁️ 👁️ Cost $125 - save $30
My Gift To You! I'll pay the One Off PC Fee that gets you 10% off all your products plus free delivery. The gift that keeps on giving!
Pore Cleansing Tool is just too good to discount BUT I'm offering you a pack of 8 Cleansing Tips for free when you purchase it. You can use this tool for the whole family - just change the tip (they're disposable!) This tool is a game changer!
Friday 13th: Don't scare people with your dry, flaky skin 😱 Get rid of it with this microdermabrasion paste. It works on your face, elbows, heels, anywhere you need to exfoliate. Scrub away those dead skin cells to leave fresh, brighter, smoother skin. Save $21 today. Message me for the offer
4 days left for the Holiday Radiance Gift Set - offer expires Dec 18th Buy the Set and I'll add a pack of 10 of our Microdermabrasion Paste for free! Message me for details
Day 15: Dry skin getting you down this time of year? I know the AC and cold weather isn't good. This serum will help with that. Save $21 of the price. Message me for details.
The cold weather dries out our skin in the winter - avoid the flakes with our Active Hydration Body Replenish. All over body hydration for all skin types.
Oh the weather outside is frightful, but this calendar is oh so delightful
Feeling the need for some sun this winter? Well I can't help with that but I can help with a tan! Give yourself the perfect pick-me-up with: ☀️Daily Body Moisturizer ☀️Microdermabrasion Paste ☀️Foaming Sunless Tan Save $17 Cheaper than a vacation! 😎
Party On - But Take Your Makeup Off Before You Go To Bed! Not only is it pretty gross especially when you wake up next morning with raccoon eyes from your mascara but it also ages your skin. Our makeup remover wipes and eye makeup remover provide a super fast way to get the gunk off your face before your head hits the pillow. Buy the set and save $13
Time to Recharge! Designed for those in their 20s or 30s but used by a whole lot more - both men and women. Just three simple steps Moisturize Reveal a healthy-looking glow And boost skin’s defenses against everyday stressors like UVA/UVB rays, environmental aggressors, blue light from screen time, lack of sleep and (sometimes questionable) diet choices that come with your busy lifestyle

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